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25-Mar-2016 22:50

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He meets with Beth (Elizabeth Banks), an over-sexed vixen who scares him to death.He takes part in a frightening night of speed-dating."They thought Steve Carell looked like a serial killer," he said."They thought Paul Rudd was fat," added Leslie Mann, Apatow's wife. "If you look at Paul Rudd in the speed-dating sequence compared to the rest, he's, like, ten pounds heavier.Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) is a 40-year-old virgin who lives alone, collects action figures, plays video games, and whose social life seems to consist of watching Survivor with his elderly neighbors.

When three co-workers -- David (Paul Rudd), Jay (Romany Malco) and Cal (Seth Rogen) -- need a fourth player for a poker game, they reluctantly rope him in. A former member of Chicago's Second City, Carell has been featured on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" and starred in the American version of the British TV comedy "The Office." He also gave a show-stopping performance in "Bruce Almighty." Now he brings down the house in his first feature-film leading role, that of the main character, Andy Stitzer, in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin."Stitzer is a shy, mild-mannered man who works in a large electronics store. If you haven't heard of him before, you certainly will now. And that will focus the brain elsewhere, and you will lose your erection.

Operator: If you'd like the erection to go away, you can light a match, blow out the flame and put the hot ember on your wrist.

And then he goes out with a drunken woman, Nicky (Leslie Mann), who nearly kills him while driving him home and then throws up in his face. Then a chance encounter with Trish (Catherine Keener), who sells memorabilia through e Bay, changes his life.

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