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16-Mar-2016 02:55

It means tomorrow if we replace sql server database with oracle database then we need to change only data layer OR if we change or user screen from windows application to website then we need to change only our user interface layer rest everything remain the same.

Kindly Note : Developer or coder need to be well versed with use of classes and objects in c-sharp.

Aerial Photos 1930 Aerial Photos 1995/97 Aerial Photos 2002 Aerial Photos 2007 Air Monitoring Stations CAFRA Category One Waters Chromate Sites Congressional Districts Counties Critical Environmental and Historic Sites Deed Notice Areas Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission Review Zones Groundwater Contamination Areas (CEA) Groundwater Contamination Areas (CKE) Highlands Impervious Surface % (2002) Known Contaminated Sites List Land Use 1995 Land Use 2002 Land Use Change 1995-2002 Mid-Atlantic States Municipalities Natural Heritage Priority Sites NJEMS Sites Open Space (State) Pinelands Boundary Pinelands Management Area Place Names Quarter Quad Grid Roads Sewer Service Areas Shellfish Classification Soils (SSURGO) State Plan Centers State Planning Areas Streams Sub-Watersheds (HUC14) Surface Water Quality Standards Urban Enterprise Zones Water Bodies Watershed Management Areas Watersheds by Name (HUC11) Well Head Protection Areas (Community) Well Head Protection Areas (Non-Community) Well Program Grid Wetlands (2002) Zip Codes This data shows historical images of New Jersey from the early 1930's, which are a mosaic of black and white photography.

The term 'Color Infrared' refers to the fact that the film used to capture these images was sensitive to infrared radiation, as opposed to visible radiation, which would be used in a standard image.Using bind variables also improves query performance in the database, eliminates the need for special handling of literal quotation marks in the input, and protects against SQL injection attacks.The following code shows a typical contains a client copy of the database data.This data set was produced by scanning these mosaicked tile prints at 400 dpi and saving as Tagged Image File Format (tiff) images.

The scanned tiffs had an approximate pixel resolution of 6.5 feet.

How it works Presentation layer is your user interface layer where you can design your interface using html web controls or windows controls or mobile controls.